Let it be great

Sixty40 favourite: skymoviesidents

A series of films about movies created for Sky Movies, all acted out by triangles. The series covers everything from high budget action to kids films to classics.

Sixty40 favourite: the-climate-commission

The Australian Government's "Climate Commission" asked Sixty40 to help inform, engage and motivate young people about climate change.

Sixty40 favourite: happyproject

Celebrities get lampooned to promote the "The Happy Project", an independent initiative with the sole aim of finding and funding a public work which increases people's happiness.

Sixty40 favourite: kmart-super-toy-sale

Sapient Nitro brought us a radical concept for a Kmart Toy Sale to create a world inspired by the freedom of kids’ imaginations.

Sixty40 favourite: heinz-simply

This Heart-warming, 3D and 2D water-colour infused journey is a nostalgic trip back to a simpler time where baby food was just picked off the tree.

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