About Us

Hey Sixty40


Who are you?

We are a passionate and collaborative team that combines the talents of an international roster of artists, directors and visual magicians. For over 15 years, our work has been known and sometimes applauded for various combinations of humour, irreverence, fun, beauty and/or dynamism.

Good answer.


What is one thing you, like, strive for?

One thing we always strive for is having a unique point of view, founded on a love of the craft. And gin, it’s not as fashionable as whisky, but the hang-over is non-existant by comparison.

OK. Where are you guys physically and/or emotionally?

We are Australian based but we are a truly international outward facing company with talent from Australia, UK, US, Brazil and France and will soon be the world’s first production company to sign talent from another planet. Sixty40, delighting eyeballs Worldwide since 2000. Emotionally we are pretty upbeat. Basically (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))).

OK why are you in my house and what do you want exactly?

To make awesome work for whomever desires it.

Thanks for the chat.

You’re welcome! We accept cash, cheque, bankers draft or Dobson’s gin.