Sausage Party


TV1: Summer Idents

Australian cable channel TV1 came to us to capture the spirit of summer in stop motion. Animating with real objects that related to the various themes the 3 idents explore some of the classic themes and subtleties of the Australian summer.

We created the scripts by combining our collective memories and loves of the season with objects that are associated with summer. Fresh fruit, refreshing drinks, sausages, tennis balls,  Christmas presents, thongs, flippers, party shoes all become the actors in the stories.

We selected objects that embodied the spirit of the season and maintained some of those objects' qualities in how the story is told. Party Poppers explode in excitement, pears ripen in the sun, popping champagne corks become fireworks, sausages get burnt at the BBQ and fall into hotdog buns in a panic while beer froths over in excitement.

Production Company: Sixty40
Director: Mark Simpson
Storyboard: Matt Taylor
Animation Director: David Harris
Animation Assistant: Cassandra Gaunson
Compositor: Navid Bagherzadeh
Audio: Noiselab

Tags: Awards | ident | stopmotion | TV1

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