A win for the environment


The environmental team at NewMediaWorks came to Sixty40 to tell the story of how environmentally focussed Australian newspaper magazine publishes and producers are. It turns out all newspaper paper is sourced from sustainable forest and newspaper ink is re-used on farms as soil conditioner. Who’d have thought it?!

The project was a joy to work on for self confessed ‘Greeny’, Sixty40’s CD Simon Robson and director Fred Venet aka Skull. This was Skull’s directorial debut for Sixty40 and along with his crack animation team, Skull directed and animated a piece with an extremely high level of 2D cel animation. The ideas flow together beautifully and harness the fun retro aesthetic that Skull established in pre-production. Skull is definitely the 2D animation director to watch in 2017.

Skull’s original art direction

Although we love where we ended up on this project, Skull’s original style frames had a goofy retro feel that we still love. So all the art you see on this page was our first round before tweaks were made. We hope you love it too!


Production Company: Sixty40
Creative Director: Simon Robson
Director: Skull
Executive Producer: Bonnie Law
Producer: Ali Kennedy

Copywriter:  James Wondrasek
Lead Illustrator / Animator: Skull
Illustrator / Animator: Dom Aldis
Illustrator / Animator: Trystin Sinnott
Music & Sound:  Electric Sheep
VO Artist: Troy Planet