Build it together

Stop-mo Lego

You’d be hard-pressed to find a family home that doesn’t have some form of LEGO in it, and – at least for the Sixty40 team – the toys feature heavily in the half-remembered (and very weird) playtime stories concocted by our childhood selves. So when the team at CHE approached us with the opportunity to bring the LEGO Christmas story to life, of course we dived right in.

The brief initially began as a 30 second spot, but as we began to expand on the possibilities and the team’s collective imagination went berserk, we quickly realised that a longer ‘extended’ version was going to be needed to allow for all the fun and silly moments we wanted to include (everyone’s inner sever year old heartily approved of a noisily pooping reindeer).

12000 Lego pieces

Alongside the main brand film we were also tasked with creating three standalone 15 second spots for Duplo, LEGO City and LEGO Friends, so all-up we had almost three minutes of stop-motion content to create over 9 very long shoot days, with 3 separate animation tables running concurrently. We called on master animator Norman Yeend to help us breathe life into our little plastic stars, and – considering their action ability is limited to moving their arms and legs straight up and down – the subtlety of character and emotion he was able to draw from the figures was incredible. Special mention must also go to Nigel Hill and Tess Simpson, who built the majority of the sets from approximately 12,000 individual LEGO pieces, and waited patiently in the wings to fix all of the things that Kyra broke in her over-enthusiastic animation style.

This was a truly (and wonderfully) collaborative project, all the way from brainstorming story inclusions with CHE and LEGO, to figuring out how to make LEGO lights that don’t light up…light up. Everyone really gave it their all to make sure we did justice to our childhood imaginations, and the final product is a testament to that. To quote our tireless compositor Young (whilst cheerfully cleaning up the millionth piece of blu tac left in the scene), ‘this is just like a normal job, except better because it’s LEGO.’


Agency – CHE Proximity
CEO – Chris Howatson
Managing Partner – David Halter
Executive Creative Director- Ant White
Group Creative Director – Brian Jefferson
Senior Writers – Cameron Brown & Ashley Wilding
Senior Art Director – Daniel Davison
Group Account Director – Mariana Rice
Senior Account Manager – Claire Maitland
Head of TV Production – Julie Duff
Sound Engineer – Matt Thompson
Head of Design – Jason Young
Senior Designer – Vanessa Saporito
Digital Designer – Sebastian Perez de Arce

Production Company – Sixty40
Director- Kyra Bartley
Executive Producers – Bonnie Law & Will Alexander
Senior Producer – Charu Menon

DOP – Simon Higgins

BTS photography – David Collins
LEGO Builder – Nigel Hill
Animator – Norman Yeend
Colourists – Greg Constantaras – Clement Bouchet
Music Composition – Otis Studios

Client – LEGO Australia

Senior Director, Head of Marketing – Angie Tutt

Senior Brand Manager – Justine McKenny

National Account Manager – Jacqui Wonder

Brand Manager – Ashlee Stojcevski