‘Cake’ First render test

In one sense, it would have been great fun to build our CA cake for real and shoot it all in-camera. But with time and budget not on our side, we decided to make use of the best resources at hand, i.e our sister company Heckler’s first rate CG team. But telling a client and agency that you’re going to build their chocolate cake fully in CG automatically raises a few eyebrows and doubts. So we knew we’d need to make a test to calm all concerns. The test you see above was cobbled together quick sharp by our team (I think in a day) and bowled the creatives over.

Baking the cake!

The journey then began to create the ideas for each zoetrope cake layer that would succinctly tell the story of a fledgling café growing into a worldwide business. The creatives at Joy were keen to push each idea as far as possible and use the geometry of the cake within each concept as opposed to just sticking things on it. Hence ideas like milky icing dripping down to fill up coffee cups and trucks driving in and out of the cake through chocolate finger roller doors. The CG team and director then poured over dozens of cake images from far and wide to mix together the perfect CG icing and find the coolest mix of icing, marzipan and chocolate. Zero calories too! And the D&AD award truly was the icing one the…


Creative Partner: Steve Back
Art Director: Scott Zuliani
Copywriter: Roy Leibowitz
Copywriter: Dan Barrett
Integrated Producer: Oscar Birken
Integrated Producer: Stephanie Beattie
Strategy Partner: Nicole Milward
Account Director: Erin Parry (nee Daley)
Account Manager: Sophie Van Geldermalsen

Production Company: Sixty40
Director: Simon Robson
Executive Producer: Will Alexander & Bonnie Law
Live-Action Producer: Catherine Warner
DOP: Simon Higgins

Post Production, CG & VFX – Heckler
Post Producer – Adrianna Spanos
VFX Supervisor- Jamie Watson
VFX 3D Lead – Tom Corbett
VFX 3D Artist – Max Mcullin, Marco Chau, Tim Jarrick, Dusan Marjanovic, Kate Knott, Maurice Giacomini, Tim Quarry, Michael Shiao Chen, Christian Chu Production
Lead Compositor- Maxence Peillon
Colourist- Greg Constantaras