Grand Pedido


Directly from Metal Land, a Grand Order was placed. The GrandBigMac is back, and brought along Brazil’s favourite spoof Metal band Massacration!

To promote this triumphant return McDonald’s and DM9 DDB created a classic glam-rock-retro music video and invited Boca to bring it to life. The result is a crazy intergalactic journey through a Grand Big Mac space world, filled with pickles meteor showers, giant cheese planets, sesame seed stars and red onion Saturn rings, to name a few.

Big Macs, big views

McDonald’s “Grand Order” hit over 1 million views and more than 15.000 shares on Facebook within the first week of it’s release. It also won Best Product Launch Campaign in the 2016 Share Social Media Awards.


Client: McDonald’s
Agency: DM9DDB
Production Company: Academia de Filmes
Direction: Andre Vidigal & Boca Ceravolo
Editor: Andre Vidigal
Audio: Lucha Libre