Basketball, Manilla & Nike

In a world first, Nike teamed up with Google to give back to the young, aspirational athletes all across the Manilla.

5 basketball courts spread across arguably one of the sport’s most dedicated cities outside of the U.S. would be brought to life with state of the art, interactive training facilities. Sixty40 was tasked with bringing these drills to life; helping each drill speak directly to its user in a language familiar to them. Pop culture references ranged from Tron to Dragon Ball Z, all whilst kept within the coded vernacular of the street level sport.

Bringing Arturo to life

“It’s nice to have nerdy references which I can geek out on and genuinely relate to. It was great to work with Aste (BBH Black Sheep Creative Director) also, as not only are we both basketball fans but I feel a lot of our visual vocabulary stemmed from a similar place.” Says director Shaun Leong Williams

Each drill required bespoke animations to expand them; to illustrate and emphasise tasks and goals whilst remaining, clear, accessible but most of all fun. There needed to be a careful balance of humour, action and instruction. The team had to develop a style of animation which would illuminate and bring to life the work of featured artist Arturo Torres whilst being agile enough to keep up with the sheer number of animations required. The animation style needed to reflect Arturo’s duplicit balance of simplicity and detail. “Arturo is a mad illustrator who basically mashes up American pop culture in a vintage comic style – one of his main influences being the NBA – which is brilliant! A combination of motion graphics trickery and some more traditional cel animation techniques resulted in an action packed collection of tutorials. “Genuinely one of the most fun briefs I’ve taken on in a while – the combination of personal passions definitely helped keep me on track during the late nights!


Agency: Black Sheep Studios, Singapore

Head of Production: Jonathan Gerard

Line Producer : Samantha Dalton

Creative Director: Aste Gutierrez

Copywriter: Kara Bautista

Art Directors: Sudhir Pasumarty, Deng Tee, Grace Wong, Joel Sow Guo Xiong, Jereek Espiritu

Creative Tech: Dillah Zakbah

Photography: Xander Angeles, Kharren Granada, Emon Celestino, Kevin Cayuca, Edge of Light Studios

Content Production: WYD Productions

Campaign Capture: Carlo Perlas, Tower of Doom.

Illustrations: Arturo Torres

Production Company: Sixty40
Post Production: Heckler
Head of Production: Aborah Buick
Director: Shaun Leong Williams
Senior producer: Charu Menon
Animators: Shaun Leong Williams, Joey Sommerville, Luke Carvell, Adrien Girault, Jo Fong, Mark Facchin
Colourists: Greg Constantaras, Clement Bouchet
Reel Editor: Yavor Dimitrov