Love Is Love

A collaboration of artists

Love is Love is a passion project by new Sixty40 director Kyra Bartley that cut a huge sway through social media in just a matter of days. Frustrated with the limited and often conservative depiction of love in the media, Kyra decided to create a film championing inclusivity and diversity.
In 2 short weeks, Kyra assembled an eclectic team of over 120 artists who were each given a single frame of a couple kissing and asked to interpret it according to their own personal experience of love, embracing a spectrum of genders, sexual orientations and cultural backgrounds . The contributing artists ranged from fledgling local talent to heavyweights such as Max Prentis and Nomi Chi, and were spread across 26 different countries.

Ambition with aesthetics

The resulting piece is a dazzling array of frames, styles and beings that flow seamlessly together to champion democratic and eclectic love in a beautiful single shot sequence. Clocking up over half a million views so far, Love is Love continues to be a wonderful demonstration of ambition and aesthetics by a new director to watch very closely.


Production Company: Heckler
Concept & Direction: Kyra Bartley
Head of Production: Aborah Buick
Music by: Johnny Mackay

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