Low flying trainers!

We were approached by Naked Communications Sydney to treat on two spots for Taubmans Paint. First off the rank is ‘Endure’ a surreal journey into the stain repelling properties of this super resilient paint. Bright colours, graphic art-direction and flying objects shot high speed meet beautiful CG photo-real transitions.

Phantom vs CG

We had great fun imagining what each substance would transform into and following these concepts through from shoot to 3D and post. We loved working with Naked and Taubmans who only ever encouraged us to up the fun. We’re over the moon with the result.


Production Company: Sixty40
Director: Simon Robson
Producer: Michelle Parker

Post/ VFX: Heckler
Head of VXF: Jamie Watson
VFX Producer: Bonnie Law
Additional Production: Georgie Selby, Adrianna Spanos

Lead CG: Tom Corbett
CG Team: Max McMullin, Marco Chau, Dusan Marjanovic
Lead Compositor: Maxence Peillon
Additional Compositing: Chris Jackson, Tim Preston
Editor: Joe Morris