Jose Aldo

Forging a crown with fists

The back-and-forth psychological push-and-shove between Aldo and McGregor has presented sponsoring brands the chance to be really creative. Therefore to anticipate the biggest fight of the year, Y&R Brazil and Aldo’s sponsor TNT Energy Drink created a campaign in which Aldo forges his crown with his fists, adding fuel to the fire.

3D/ 2D mixed media

Y&R Brazil invited Boca to create an action packed full on 3D/ 2D mixed media spot portraying José Aldo in a cinematic way as the only, real king of UFC. It all takes place in the bowels of a eerie castle perched atop a blustery hill. “No one is king by chance. The games are over.”


Client: TNT
Agency: Young & Rubican

Production Company: The Kumite
Direction: Boca Ceravolo, Andre Holzmeister
Executive Producer: Fernanda Geraldini
Head of Visual Art: Gotacx
Producer: Tize Novaes

Editing: Bruno Evangelista, Boca Ceravolo
Post-Production: The Kumite
Post-Production Supervisor: Vanderlei Santana
Art Direction: André Holzmeister, Boca Ceravolo
Design: João Lavieri, Guilherme Marques
Storyboard: Fernando Merlo
2D animation: Rafael Araújo
Motion Design, Compositing: Daniel Rodrigues, Rafael Araújo, Matteus Faria, Leandro Spaletta
Modelling: André Holzmeister, Diego Esteves, Leo Sakamoto
Rigging: Wesley Schneider
3D Animation: Fernando Donizetti, Henrique Montanari
Lighting, Shading: Diego Esteves
Render: Diego Esteves e Henrique Montanari